Relentless​/​Electric Sleep​/​Crucified

by Troglodyte Dawn

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Originally released as SGD007RN-3 as an exclusive charity EP on ReverbNation. This new version has been remastered.

Recorded live at the Hard Rock Cafe in Phoenix, AZ on May 15, 2010 for the Rock the Purple domestic violence awareness event.


released May 25, 2015

Randy Michaud: guitar, lead vocals
Kevin Mack: bass, backing vocals
Justin Frear: lead guitar
John Tinker: drums

Recording engineer: Bill Burnett
Post production: John Tucker

Logo design: Nathan Hess
Cover design & layout: Randy Michaud



all rights reserved


Troglodyte Dawn Phoenix, Arizona

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...a rustic sunrise peers over a remote horizon after the darkest night of the soul...

~doom with ambient tendencies~
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Track Name: Relentless (live)
Now He’s on to your living wreck
Feel Him breathing down your neck
All psyched up and ready to go
Chasing your soul through the fire below
Run from Him through your black house
What a wild trip, you’re divinely dowsed
Feel His power as it prevails
One true mission to finish or fail

Why do you run, where will you go
When you arrive at the end of the road?
Feel the deep crying out to deep
Out from your soul flows true belief
When you don’t know what to do
He will help you see it through
Severing the strife that now enslaves
Chasing the soul that He wants to save!

Oh no!

Do you know His name? I doubt if you do
Bet you’d be surprised if I told it to you
His looks are deceiving; He’s not what He seems
But He’s got all power that you may believe

Oh take it…

He’s so relentless...oh yeah!
He’s so relentless…!

©1985 Victor Griffin/Pentagram (music)
©2004 Randy Michaud/Troglodyte Dawn (rewritten lyrics)
Track Name: Electric Sleep (live)
Cyberspace got no place in the real world
Plastic minds got no soul
Man-made stars in the sky, will they find me?
Faceless world dips so low

Oh no!

Sleepless nights simply fade into dark hours
Places you’d never go
Frozen lights slowly turn, will they blind me?
Timeless searching you know

Lost in the electric sleep!

Look at the lights and tell me,
What you gonna find?
Nothing but the circuits behind
Look at the life they sold you,
Outside, you’re looking in
Sleep, my friend, ‘cause you’ll never win

Look in her eyes and tell me,
The dreams are there to find
Still you leave the future behind
See the stars that shine on
The final trace of love
Bleeding from the heavens above

Cyberspace got no place in the real world
Plastic minds got no soul
Lifeless forms shift in sight of the new day
But they can’t see anyway...

©1998 Sheavy/Electric Sleep
Track Name: Crucified (live)
Born to die and to atone
For the lost, He left His throne
He came for all He was eager to free
From Satan’s clutch for eternity
A sacrifice you could never conceive
A goal mankind could not achieve

They crowned Him with thorns and His flesh was torn
The cried “Crucify Him!” with hatred and scorn
He chose to obey, even unto death
The source of His strength to endure the test
None see or know what it is that they do
But when it’s done they see the truth!

He was crucified...cold and alone
Crucified...disjointed bones

Call me over when You take Your crown!

Crucified...cold and alone
Crucified...disjointed bones

He was crucified...cold and alone
He was crucified...disjointed bones
He was crucified...but He rolled away the stone
He was crucified...His glory shone
He was crucified...only He can help you now

©1994 Joe Hasselvander/Pentagram (music)
©2005 Randy Michaud/Troglodyte Dawn (rewritten lyrics)